Daniil Pogorelov

Information security specialist, independent researcher

About speaker

Information security specialist, engaged in research in the field of information security of wireless technologies, electronics and other areas. Organizer of the All-Russian information security competition KubanCTF, winner of PHD7.
November 15
14:00 — 15:00
Some less than obvious specifics attributed to SDR (what is intermodulation, and why it’s bad, how to suppress a receiver by transmitting in the sideband frequency, as well as sensitivity and selectiveness of SDR). Modern types of modulation. Radio monitoring or a ways to detect frequency producing devices (specifics of detecting a signal using spectral analysers). What types of attacks use detectible radio systems, their special features, and what types of attacks are ineffective.
November 16
13:00 — 14:00
The principles of scanning devices, and the more effective ways of detecting radio-transmitting devices. Principles of hiding radio-transmitting devices during radio monitoring. The basics of building radio receiving devices in GnuRadio, and ways to detect the signal. Effective methods of spotting packages in a torrent of information. Intercepting radio-transmitters in real-time. Structuring digital channels for data transfer on the basis of SDR.