What to spend your OFFCOIN on

Earned points could be exchanged for souvenirs with the conference logo at the junk shop:

  • Tokens: 65 OFС (limited to 100 pcs.)
  • T-shirts: 60 OFС (limited to 620 pcs.)
  • Playing dice: 60 OFС (всего доступно 20 шт.)
  • Gloves: 70 OFС (limited to 60 pairs)
  • Thermo cup: 90 OFС (limited to 40 units.)
  • Card reader: 80 OFС (only 30 units.)
  • Power-bank: 150 OFС (limited to 40 units.)
  • Connection Hub: 180 OFС (limited to 20 units.)
  • Hoody: 500 OFС (only 40 pcs.)
  • Backpack: 750 OFС (only 20 available.)

How to earn OFFCOIN points?

OFFCOIN points (OFC) are credited for taking part in the following.


This is an interactive set up of a pedal powered race track. Participants turn the pedals of the exercise bike moving the cars on a track towards the finish line. The race consists of 3 laps. The winner gets 30 OFC.

Foosball “Zombies vs Survivors”

A game of foosball consists of 3 matches. The winner takes home 30 OFC.


Every hour here you get a chance to take part in tournaments and win OFFCOIN points (from 200 to 300 OFCC, depending on the game). The games presented at the tournaments include Mortal Kombat XL, Worms™️, Battlegrounds and TEKKEN 7. And we have not forgotten the good old Nintendo and SEGA consoles.


The best place for creative participants and guests where they can do the following:

  • Tatter up a bison skin.
    Visitors to the parlour can get the feel for what it feels like to be a real tattoo artist and ink up a huge bison skin located at the stand. A beginner tattoo master will be equipped with a tattoo gun, ink and needles, and some unique transferable stickers, which is a good outline of your first tattoo. Queue up to participate. Every hour we pick out two of the best tats and award the winners 60 OFC. 
  • Spin the wheel of fortune and try your luck to win a lottery
    A wheel of fortune with capsules containing prize vouchers. Among the prizes are: a tattoo, a set of stickers, OFFCOIN points, or a repeat go at spinning the wheel.
    The lottery takes place every hour. The gaming round lasts 10 minutes. First-come-first-serve. Everybody gets to have one go at the wheel per round.
  • Take part in For Luck’s Sake.
    The ballsiest challenge of all. Here, the contestants choose their tattoo designs by shooting at a collage of designs. First, the participant must answer 3 questions related to various aspects of cybersecurity. One correct answer and you get a drink and allowed a step closer to the collage. Get an answer wrong and and you’ll have to take a step bank (and undrink the drink). After answering three questions, aim and fire – the tattoo you end up hitting is yours to take. Each correct answer is also rewarded with 50 OFC. 
  • Get tattered up
    Professional tattoo artists have prepared a full album of tattoo designs. Inking any of these on your body shall earn you 500 OFC.
    This award can be summed up with the results of the For Luck’s Sake Quiz. Participants, who agree to go under the needle with the design they won by shooting receive 250 OFC. This way, the total points winnable at the TATTOO.ZONE is potentially 900 OFC – answering all three questions correctly and getting the tattoo you snipe.
    The tattoo with OFFZONE symbolism earns you not only 500 OFC but also entitles you to a free pass to the speaker-party and the next OFFZONE Conference.
BadgeCard puzzles

Participants can test their skills and win some OFFCOIN by attempting to solve some puzzles using your conference BadgeCard:

Test your programming skills, teach your BadgeCard to play Battle Tanks (in PvE mode the winner gets 400 OFC, in PvP mode the winnings are distributed among the participants);
exhibit ingenuity when playing Sokoban with your badge card;
solve several interesting tasks right on the badge card!

CTFZONE Bookies Game

Guests and participants of the Conference can test their intuition by trying to guess which of the participants of the final CTFZONE competition get more points in a certain time interval.

To place a bet, find an administrator in the area dubbed BI.ZONE. The administrator will transfer part of the OFFCOIN points from your badge card to a telegram bot designed specifically for this game where you can choose your favorite team. The same administrator will transfer the winnings from the telegram bot back to your badge card.

Rules of the game:

  • At the start of the competition we take bets for first blood (the first team to capture the flag).
  • After the first flag has been captured we take bets for the team to get the most points in the following hour (strictly gaming time, bar technical pauses).
    Bets can be raised from the 15th to the 30th minute of the hour. 35 minutes after all bets have been off the participants get updates on their bets.
  • Example

    • Team A captured the flag at 15:27.
    • At 15:30 the betting round begins. (the next integration step after the flag has been captured). In CTFZONE bot-chat you will see an update with the scores and notifications i.e. taking bats in 15 minutes.
    • At 15:45 you get a notification telling you bets are on.
    • At 16:00 the bot notifies when all bets are off.
    • At 16:30 the round is over.
    • At 16:35 you get a message detailing the best and team scores.
  • Distribution of the winnings (applies to both forms of bets – “first blood” and most OFFCOIN points collected during the hour):
    1. All OFFCOIN bets are summed up.
    2. The final pot is split between the participants, who had placed winning bets, in proportion to the bets placed.

For example, the total bet comes to 300 OFC, player A places a bet of 10 OFC, player B bets 20. Upon winning, player A gets 10/(10+20) = 1/3 = 100 OFC, similarly plyer B gets 20/(10+20) = 2/3 = 200 OFC.

If the final amount is split with a remainder, then the administrator of the competition transfers this remainder of OFFCOIN points to the next round.

  • If the winner had no bets placed in his favour, all bets are transferred to the next round.

Players are awarded only OFFCOIN points for placing winning.

At the BI.ZONE area you will be credited OFC for successfully solving puzzles of various difficulty. Also, answering questions correctly will get you some BI.ZONE branded prizes
  • Puzzle 1 and 2. Prize: 30 OFС and a T-shirt
  • Puzzle 3. Prize: 40 OFС and a T-shirt
  • Puzzle 4, 5 and 6. Prize: 100 OFС and a T-shirt + thermo cup/power bank
  • Puzzle 7 and 8. Prize: 250 OFС and a hoody
  • Puzzle 9. Prize: 500 OFС and a backpack


General rules*

The OFFZONE Conference is to take place this November 15-16, at the Digital October Venue.

We have all sorts of fun entertainment in store for participants and guests of the Conference. Win yourself some OFFCOIN and have fun doing it. The OFFCOIN points can then be exchanged for souvenirs and conference merch or bet them at the CTFZONE Bookies.

Points are credited to a personal badge card, receivable at the registration desk during ticket collection.
The badge card balance can be checked at a special terminal. OFFCOIN points may not be transferred between participants.

By taking part in the Conference activities you automatically consent to these rules. Further information about each of the activities can be received at the activity itself: link. Should this covenant be breached, the BadgeCard balanced with its OFFCOIN savings will be nullified, and the BadgeCard itself blocked.

* More information about the organizers can be found following the link. You can obtain more information about the schedule, prize collection and games from the organizers.