The second stage - The Finals - is a classic Attack/Defense battle. This format is considered to be a traditional CTF format as it implements standard CTF rules. Participating teams start off with a vulnbox – most commonly, it is a virtual machine, but sometimes it can also be a laptop, a server or remote access to some other machine.    

Inside a vulnbox there is a system with several services developed in different programming languages. These services contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by teams to attack each other. Teams receive points not only for successful attacks, but also for proper defence of their services.

This year CTFZONE Finals will become part of the OFFZONE conference. Among the participants are world-leading CTF teams and novice crews that are only gaining acknowledgment on the CTF arena. Follow the progress of the Finals during the conference and see who the best will be!


The first stage - Qualifying round - is traditionally held in Jeopardy format. Teams have 36 hours to complete various tasks in multiple categories: Web, Crypto, Binary, Reverse, Forensics, OSINT etc.     

For each completed task teams receive flags that earn them points which are summarized at the end of the competition. 10 teams with the most points proceed to the Final stage of CTFZONE.

This year over 1000 teams from 95 countries took part in the Quals. Participants had to solve several tasks, where each task included multiple sub-tasks that required professional knowledge in various areas. The most ingenious ones were completed by less than 5 teams out of 1000.

TOP-10 teams qualified for the CTFZONE 2018 Finals are:

  • LC↯BC (Russia)

  • !SpamAndHex (Hungary)

  • p4 (Poland)

  • Bushwackers (Russia)

  • GoGiSaJo (South Korea)

  • LeaveCat (South Korea)

  • CyKor (South Korea)

  • dcua (Ukraine)

  • Dragon Sector (Poland)

  • 0ops (China)

About CTF

The first CTFZONE competition took place in 2016. Since then over 2000 teams from all over the globe have joined the CTFZONE tournament. This year CTFZONE Finals are being held within the framework of the OFFZONE conference, where TOP-10 qualified teams from Russia, Hungary, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine and China will fight for the highest title and $18 000 in prize fund. Only the strongest will become champions.

Capture the Flag (CTF) — practical cybersecurity competitions with team or individual participation. The two most common contest formats are Jeopardy, when teams have to complete tasks in different categories, and classic Attack/Defense, when teams have to attack each other’s services and defend their infrastructure. CTFZONE includes both formats – Jeopardy Quals and Attack/Defense Finals.